All Ice Records is an independent Norwegian record company founded in 2005. AIR exclusively releases Icemusic (music played on instruments made out of ice). The company cooperates with Icemusicfestival Geilo. All Ice Records is probably the only record company in the world building new studios (igloo`s) for every recording session.

Since 2014 AIR also releases other nature-instrument related recordings and even music performed on instruments made out of glass.


History of Icemusic:

Terje Isungset started working with ice music in 1999. Isungset had already combined natural elements in his music through the use of wood, stone, metal in their original form, bells, machine sounds etc. The use of ice was always a dream, but seemed unachievable. In 1999 Terje was commissioned to make a piece for the Lillehammer Winter Festival. The work was composed for trumpet, vocals, percussion and ice. It was aired on NRK2 national television. That fall Terje was invited by Bengt Carling to the Ice Hotel in Sweden to make more ice music. This became a part of the worldwide 2000 live New Year TV show. Terje then embarked on a new career of doing ice concerts and recordings. The first ever ice music CD was recorded at the Ice Hotel in 2001. (Terje Isungset: Iceman Is). He founded all-ice records in 2005, a record company to release music played on ice instruments only. In 2006 Isungset also had the idea of starting the Worlds first and only icemusicfestival. www.icemusicfestival.no.

All Icemusic CD`s do have a special design made by Lasse Berntzen. Some of the albums even do include som water inside the cover!


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All Ice Records

Øvre Stadionvei 76

5162 Laksevåg, Bergen


E mail: all-ice@all-ice.no


AIR ARTISTS for the Icemusic releases:


Peter Paelinck, iceeridoo

Eilif Gundersen, icehorn

Palle Mikkelborg, trumpet

Arve Henriksen, icetrumpet, trumpet & icehorn

Lena Willemark, vocal

Nils Økland, ice hardangerfiddle

Espen Jørgensen, iceguitar

Skuli Sverrison, bass & electronics

Hilmar Jensson, guitar & electronics

Iro Haarla, iceharp

Svante Henryson, ice cello.

Terje Isungset, icepercussion, icehorns, iceofon, iceharp, icedrums, instrument maker.

Mats Eden, viola dàmore

Anders Jormin, bass

Reidar Skår, keyboards & programming

Sidsel Endresen, vocal

Unni Løvlid, vocal

Per Jørgensen, vocal, ice trumpet

Silvia Moi, vocal

Lena Nymark, vocal

Sara Marielle Gaup, vocal

Jon Halvor Bjønseth, live sampling

Tor Magne Hallibakken,

Asle Karstad,

Special thanks to Bengt Carling, instrument maker

& great inspiration for the first recordings of icemusic.



AIR artists on non ice releases:


Stian Westerhus,

Arve Henriksen,

Helge Norbakken,

Ståle Storløkken,

Karl Seglem,

Jorma Tapio,

Hilmar Jensson,

Rabui Ayondokun,

Sakari Ayondokun,

Sissel Vera Pettersen,

Terje Isungset.