Ice Music recorded in an Igloo full of ice instruments during March 2021! It is all frozen water! 6 tracks of Terje Isungset solo ice. 1 track including vocal, harp, bass and ice.


In January 2021 Terje built an igloo high up in the mountains of Norway at Bergsjøstølen to create his latest release, with the frozen structure being Terje’s unique recording studio for the entire winter. When listening to the album you are invited into an intimate snowy abode measuring just 6m², where all the instruments are made from ice - featuring an Iceofone, Ice Percussion, Ice Drums and Ice Horns.


Glacial Poetry’s largely solo recording shows Terje’s life long passion for adapting elements of the natural environment into delicate sounding instruments, proving that water not only gives our planet life but when frozen, also produces sublime sounding music.


Link to video of recording session: youtu.be/5ArDYQgFbRE




Released February 5, 2022


Terje Isungset: Iceofone, Ice Horn, Ice Percussion and Ice Drums.


Guests on Farwell Glacier: Maria Skranes (vocal), Julie Rokseth (harp),

Toivo Fjose (bass), Lyder Øverås Røed (guitar).



All music is composed by Terje Isungset.


Farwell Glacier composed by Isungset, Skranes, Rokseth, Øverås Røed and Fjose.


Recorded by Tor Magne Hallibakken and Tarjei Jensen.

Mixed by Terje Isungset and Tor Magne Hallibakken.

"Too Much For Nature" is mixed by Terje Isungset and Anders Bjelland - Broen Studio - Bergen.

Mastering by Hallibakken Lydstudio.


Cover photo by Knut Bry.

Cover design by AB/OVO Kåre Thomsen.


Released on All Ice Records 2022.


Thank you to nature for giving us ice and snow, and for staying cold during the recording sessions.