GROUPA Kind of Folk - vol. 2 Norway Our journey into the Kind of Folk country continues. From Sweden to Norway. From forests and marshes to fjords and mountains. The richness of expression and sounds is so extensive in Norwegian music that it is like embracing a mountain. We have listened to everything from herding calls to Grieg. and the result is a conversation based on our impressions. Scents of mountain streams, rush hour traffic in the center of Oslo, mosquito bites on the cloudberry fens, and watching the sun go down over Finnmark. MATS EDEN VIOLA D`AMORE, HARDANGERFIDDLE JONAS SIMONSON FLUTES TERJE ISUNGSET DRUMS, PERCUSSION & MOUTH HARP

Booklet in PDF format: Download here

Recorded April 8th - 10th 2018 at Hallibakken Lydproduksjon, Norway.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tor Magne Hallibakken and Groupa.


Produced by Groupa.


Layout by Kåre Thomsen - AbOVO.


Photos by Peter Loyd.


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