Meditations: A unique recording made with ice from Antarctica, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Italy. How does ice from different parts of the world sound like? It took Isungset 4 years of travelling and work to finish this album. The recordings of ice have been made in different venues and under different conditions. The coldest in Iqaluit (Canada) 38 degrees below celsius and a fantastic nice day (you can see this on the front-cover photo). Another took place in the freezers of Norwegian Polar institute in Tromsø with only 18 degrees below celsius. This is the first icemusicalbum that includes ordinary instruments: trumpet, double bass, keyboards and violin. Also you will find electronics and programming by Reidar Skår. The album is produced by Reidar Skår who has made parts of the compositions in cooperation with Isungset.

Terje Isungset: ice horns, ice percussion, iceofon, crushed ice, voice & ice drums
Lena Nymark: voice
Arve Henriksen: trumpet & voice
Anders Jormin: double bass
Mats Eden: viola d’amore
Svante Henrysson: ice cello
Reidar Skår: keyboards & programming


Recording engineers: Asle Karstad, Tor Magne Hallibakken, Terje Isungset & Per Sjøsten.

Mix, mastering & editing: Reidar Skår & Terje Isungset.

Produced by Reidar Skår.

Programming: Reidar Skår.

Photographer: Emile Holba.

Instrument makers: Terje Isungset, Bill Covitz, Eric Mutel & Bernard Svidal.

CD cover/Art work: Lasse Berntzen – Fuggi Baggi Design, Norway.