World of Glass: 15 glass artists worked for two years to construct these instruments! It is a new world of sounds, art and music. All melted together in one expression.
All instruments are new made and invented. Unexpected sounds of the glass. It simply is: A World of Glass!!


Arve Henriksen: glass horns & glass trumpets.

Terje Isungset: glass percussion.


Recording engineer: Asle Karstad and the National Estonian Radio.

Mix and editing by Terje Isungset & Arve Henriksen.

Mastering and mix by Daniel Wold.

CD cover/Art work: Lasse Berntzen – Fuggi Baggi Design, Norway.

Produced by Arve Henriksen & Terje Isungset.

Glass project idea: Terje Isungset.

Glass instrument ideas by Arve Henriksen, Terje Isungset and the Estonian glass artist.

Photos by Kaupos Kekkas.

Project coordinator: Madli-Liis Parts.

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